A Premier Southeastern Adult Soccer Tournament

Queen City Cup

Captains Info

How do I get players on my roster?

A: Once Team Connect has been activated for your team, you'll receive an invite to said team. Once you accept this invite, you are able to login to the Team Connect app and view your team. From there, you will invite each of your players using their email address.

IMPORTANT: If this player has used Team Connect for another team, you'll want to send them the invite to the email address they've used previously. This will allow the player to view all the teams they've played on in the past and going forward.

Do I need to invite every player onto Team Connect?

A: Yes. This is the only way that a player will show up on your roster which is required at each game. This also ensures that all players received proper communications from you the captain as well as the tournament about schedules/rules/etc.

Are all players required to have a player pass with a sanctioned body such as NCASA, SCASA or another USASA body?

A: Yes. Players without a pass from a league under an accepted sanctioned body will be required to purchase a tournament pass from NCASA. We will make this link available soon.

How will player passes be verified by the Queen City Cup?

A: The Player Verification Form (located under the REGISTRATION menu) to be filled out by each captain that includes a pertinent player pass information (name, email, player pass number, league player plays in and state association). This roster will be filled out in it's entirety and not in pieces (fill out your entire roster all at once). As verification will take time, we ask that each captain fill this out as early as possible but no later than Tuesday, July 30th, 2019. For teams with players from outside of NC, we ask that this form be filled out no later than Friday, July 26th, 2019.

This web form roster is separate from Team Connect as it asks for additional information. It is ONLY for verifying your players' eligibility and is NOT the roster to be used for the Queen City Cup.

How do I print/receive my Queen City Cup roster for my games?

A: Your team's roster will be made availalbe for printing 3 days prior to the Queen City Cup. Each captain is required to have a roster for each of their games. This means 4 rosters (4 minimum games) PLUS rosters for any additional games (Semifinal/Final).

What is the Queen City Cup Performance Bond and how do I pay for it?

A: The Queen City Cup Performance Bond is a monetary deposit that ensures that each team participates in their minimum 4 games. This helps discourage teams from forfeiting any of their matches for any reason. A common example would be "We've already lost the first 3 matches, why bother showing up for the last one when we won't make the final". All teams pay for 4 games and this holds each team accountable to hold up their end of the agreement. The QCC Performance Bond can come in the form of cash or a check and is due either at or prior to the Team Checkin on Friday, August 2nd, 2019. The Performance Bond will be returned on Sunday after a team's last match.