A Premier Southeastern Adult Soccer Tournament

Queen City Cup

Team Tent Rental for Queen City Cup

Each year, more and more teams bring popup tents for the weekend and set them up as a sort of headquarters for their team between games. We thought, why not offer to take out the legwork of that AND have some higher quality tents setup (similar to ones you'd see at a festival or wedding). With that in mind, we've been actively working with local tent companies to secure an affordable rate for tents for the whole weekend for those that wish to have them.

These tents will be setup in the closest locations to the parking lots, bathrooms and food vendors and will the closest spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

No setup required. No dragging tent from car. These tents will be high quality tents used for events and festivals with weights included. Simply show up with your coolers, chairs and teammates for an exciting weekend!

Estimated Rates (as we're still attempting to secure the best rates)

10x10 Tent: $200.00 ($10/player for 20 player team)

10x20 Tent: $250.00 (best idea for 11v11 teams) ($12.50/player for 20 player team)

*** rates are close to cost and this service is done as a benefit to our teams ***