A Premier Southeastern Adult Soccer Tournament

Queen City Cup

2019 QCC Tournament Pass

The Queen City Cup is a sanctioned tournament under NCASA, USASA & US Soccer and each player is required to have a player pass from an approved sanctioned body. If you are a player who does not have a player pass already through an approved sanctioned body (ie organization/league or state under US Adult Soccer Association), you may elect to get a Tournament Pass. These passes will allow you to participate in the Queen City Cup and cover you for the weekend. To purchase one of these passes, click the link below.

2019 QCC Tournament Pass - CLICK HERE
(this will take you to the NCASA tourney pass site)

If you are planning on playing in the Fall with a sanctioned league approved under USASA/NCASA, you may also contact your local league to get your full player pass for the Fall that will meet the Queen City Cup's player pass requirements.

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